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Baby boomers plan for retirement – Austin Daily Herald August 4, 2009

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Hello Boomers Magazine is observing the life and times of the baby boomers

Baby boomers plan for retirement – Austin Daily Herald
“Very, very busy” is not how most people envision their retirement, but for Bob and Ginny Riege, and a rising number of baby boomers, this is standard. After teaching at Austin High School for more than 30 years, both were able to retire at age

Older workers tout their experience – Statesman Journal
Keizer resident Judy Lay, 64, has become adept at creating store displays and sorting new merchandise — skills that she hopes to carry with her when she leaves her temporary stint at One Fair World in downtown Salem and look for a permanent job

Research and Markets: Baby Boomers: Changing Food Consumption Among – Earthtimes
No other generation in history has been more intensely watched than Baby Boomers. Anything “boomer” makes headlines. And for good reason, with an estimated annual spending in the $2 trillion range, this consumer group of 79 million people has not

Millions of Baby Boomers Now Claiming Disability – NewsMax.com
WASHINGTON — Social Security officials say they expect an even larger spike in new disability claims than they had expected, as aging, injured baby boomers tumble out of the work force and need income. Officials estimate they’ll receive 3.3 million



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