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Young people clueless about Afghanistan – San Francisco Gate September 13, 2009

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The baby boomers are born between 1946 and 1964.

Young people clueless about Afghanistan – San Francisco Gate
Newsweek ran a cover story in February that called Afghanistan “Obama’s Vietnam.” Those Baby Boomers just can’t help themselves: They see every military conflict through the lens of the war they hated. But this is a stretch at best. The sad truth is

Only boomers really understand – Tuscaloosa News
I enjoyed Robert DeWitt’s column on baby boomers and their culture [Sept. 2]. However, Mr. DeWitt, born in 1959, is not a Boomer. He is not part of the baby boom that came at the end of the Second World War. He is Generation Jones, like in

How Gen Y and Boomers Will Reshape Your Agenda – Diversity Inc
Right now, a battle for survival has eclipsed the war for talent. Business leaders are slashing headcounts and budgets and focusing with laser vision on what it takes to succeed in a deep global recession. But when the economy recovers, companies

Study: Women, baby boomers dominate voting in Alabama – Montgomery Advertiser
AUBURN — An analysis of Alabama voting in last year’s presidential election found that women voted more than men and baby boomers voted more than young adults. Auburn University’s Center for Governmental Studies analyzed voter turnout information

The Beatles: Rock Band makers woo Baby Boomers – Newsday
Will the release of The Beatles: Rock Band on Wednesday provide another landmark — an event that will introduce a huge percentage of baby boomers to the video games they have been buying their children and grandchildren for years? “If anything



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