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Report: Baby Boomers Threaten To Alter National Economy  – Ozarks First.com December 1, 2009

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Hello Boomers Magazine is observing the life and times of the baby boomers

Report: Baby Boomers Threaten To Alter National Economy  – Ozarks First.com
(Chestnut Hill, MA) — Millions of baby boomers are getting set to enjoy their retirement years and the “talent drain threatens to alter the national economy.” That’s according to Ithaca College sociologist Stephen Sweet who has co-authored a report

Look for a Potential Boom from Baby Boomers – Kitchen and Bath Design News
The oldest baby boomers turn 63 this year. This generation’s buying power has been front and center in sales discussions for decades, and it would be a mistake to allow baby boomers to disappear from your radar screen simply because of the existing

Expect rising healthcare costs with and without aging baby boomers – Nationalpost.com
Have you been losing sleep over government deficits? No wonder. You can’t turn on the television or open a magazine without being subjected to horror stories about the red ink being spilled in Ottawa, Washington and other capitals around the world

Baby boomers aren’t aging gracefully, expert warns – canada.com
NEW YORK — Contrary to their healthy living image, baby boomers are “drifting” into old age with poor eating habits, too little exercise and decimated savings, said Robert Butler, CEO of the International Longevity Center (ILC). “We do not



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