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Poll Shows Youngest Americans More Pro-Life on Abortion Than Baby – LifeNews.com January 24, 2010

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Hello Boomers Magazine is observing the life and times of the baby boomers

Poll Shows Youngest Americans More Pro-Life on Abortion Than Baby – LifeNews.com
The survey, sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, finds Baby Boomers (those aged 45-64) are the least pro-life, with 51 percent saying abortion is “morally wrong.” The good news for the pro-life movement is the next two generations of Americans are

A Long Life: Good And Bad News For Baby Boomers And The Rest Of Us – Huffingtonpost.com
Modern healthcare technology has delivered previously undreamed of longevity, sometimes with, but often without, an accompanying quality of life. Medical technology not only has increased the average life span, it seduces us into believing that we

PRACTICE MANAGEMENT: Aging Baby Boomers Need A Bucket Brigade – Wall Street Journal
For decades, financial planners helped baby boomers build their nest eggs. Now, as those same folks age, advisers are increasingly preoccupied with plotting how to distribute that wealth in retirement. That’s a whole new ball game. “Managing

Baby Boomers and high-income seniors bear burden of Medicare increase – Walletpop.com
Most seniors will not see their premiums for Medicare Part B increase in 2010. That’s because there is a “hold harmless” provision of Social Security that prevents Social Security payments from decreasing from one year to the next as a result of



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