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Same old song and dance – Boston Globe February 2, 2010

Posted by boomerslifestyle in Baby Boomer Lifestyle.

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Same old song and dance – Boston Globe
On Radio 92.9 it was the acoustic version of “Plush.’’ On WAAF it was “Sex Type Thing.’’ On WXRV “The River’’ it was “Interstate Love Song.’’ On WFNX it was “Plush.’’ I was in the car, flipping through the FM stations

Growing number of Americans getting results straight from labs – Reading Eagle
As Americans struggle to take charge of their health care – and hold down their medical costs – a growing number are bypassing the doctor and going right to the source for diagnostic tests. Whether through arrangements made online or at one of scores

Retire that notion of old – Financial Post
It used to be a time for dentures and bingo. Now, it’s all about power yoga, spa resorts and dermal fillers. Welcome to the sunset years of the Baby Boomer set. They are heading into their 60s now, but they might as well be in their fabulous 40s. Or

The President’s Priorities – Wall Street Journal
One rule of budget reporting is to watch what the politicians are spending this year , not the frugality they promise down the road. By that measure, the budget that President Obama released yesterday for fiscal 2011 is one of the greatest spend



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