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Boom, crash, learn – The Age February 22, 2010

Posted by boomerslifestyle in Baby Boomer Lifestyle.

Baby boomers dating is going to be big business in the future.

Boom, crash, learn
The Age
As the first wave of baby boomers, the generation born between 1946 and 1965, begin to qualify for the age pension, a baton change is under way in society.

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Young boomers are running out of time to save and facing a serious financial crunch. Social Security benefit expectations are currently in question as to whether or not young baby boomers will have enough money to cover even basic expenses in retirement based on what they have currently been able to save and invest. read more..

Boomers rage against the dying of the light
Financial Times
There has been much dark material put into the public debate this month concerning the fate of the baby boomers. That generation, born soon

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Oddly enough, statistics show us that the Baby Boomer generation, contrary to the way in which most people view the middle aged and older group, are using the computers as well as the things that go with them, such as online dating sites, quite frequently. Most baby boomers were raised with computers on some level and it was this generation who gave computers as they are today to the younger people. These folks are not intimidated in the least by seeing a computer in front of them, or the need for filling out various forms. read more..



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