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Balanced Workouts Benefit Baby Boomers – WSB-TV Atlanta February 25, 2010

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Balanced Workouts Benefit Baby Boomers – WSB-TV Atlanta
Now in her early 50s, Paula Maccabee feels she is more physically fit than when she was in her 30s. “I have more endurance, more core strength and great balance. My cardio capacity is greater and I have retained my flexibility,” Maccabee said. What’s

truesee’s Blog – Lottery Post
The last time Lois Watson spoke with Errol Parker Sr. she was headed for a cruise and asked him to look after her house. “He said, ‘Sure, I’d be glad to,’ ” Ms. Watson said Wednesday, stunned that the man who had been so neighborly was charged in a

Five Baby Boomer medical breakthroughs – Houma Courier
Lucky for them, medical advances are keeping pace. When Boomers were born, heart disease or cancer amounted to death sentences. Arthritic hips and knees meant years of limping. Now, Boomers can live for decades after heart attacks or cancer. And knee

Millennials and miracles: What young folks believe – Austin American-Statesman
Young people don’t go to church as much as Baby Boomers or the Generation X crowd, but they still believe in miracles. They answer questions about their faith in a way that suggests that they’re more spiritual than religious — but they pray as

Indictment of a Generation – DAILY KOS
I was talking to a good friend last night, and neither of us had any kind words for the Baby Boomer generation. It was a peculiar transition. We had talked about, of all things, Conan O’Brien’s removal as host of The Tonight Show in favor of the much



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